ZR Auto’s Gold-Wrapped Lamborghini Diablo

A few months ago we told you about ZR Auto’s new automotive wrapping service. Since then, Zahir Rana and his crew have gone wild with wrapping the ZR Auto shop cars and many clients’ vehicles as well.

One of the first wraps that the ZR Auto technicians undertook was on the long-time ZR Lamborghini Diablo. What started out as a promising gold one-of-a-kind wrap on Zahir’s wife’s Limited Edition 2001 VT 6.0 SE Lamborghini Diablo quickly got Zahir thinking otherwise.

“It just didn’t look right,” Rana said. “I had my boys remove the wrap because it was quite ugly actually.”


The original wrap was described by Rana as a cheap Chinese-made wrap that didn’t look quite right on the Diablo. After being unsatisfied with the colour, he ordered some high-quality gold wrapping material from Avery. The Diablo has now been fully re-wrapped in gold with black accents.

“It’s the first of its kind in the country,” he said. “I’m the only one who has this colour, so it’s going to stand out!”

The result is a very spectacular-looking Lamborghini Diablo that definitely stands out on the streets of Calgary.

“It’s already rare,” he said. “Only 37 of these were ever made. This one is number ten.”

Since no 30th Anniversary Diablo’s were readily available in Canada at the time of purchase, the car was imported from Dubai.

Correction: The author originally stated that this car was a 30th Anniversary Diablo when it is actually a 2001 VT 6.0 SE. We apologize to our readers and to ZR Auto for this error.



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