Comedy giant Jerry Seinfeld, renowned for his Porsche collection, may seem to have exclusive access to some of the brand’s most elusive models. From the 356 SC Cabriolet to the 718 RSK Spyder, his garage reads like a Porsche hall of fame. Particularly notable is his connection to rare Porsches, often securing first pick on limited editions like the 996 Classic Club Coupe and the Carrera GT prototype.

Seinfeld’s collection reportedly focuses on unique Porsches with significant build numbers. Among them is the last 356 ever produced, the first 911 imported to the US, and what he claims is the last air-cooled 911—a 993 Carrera 4S Cabriolet in Mexico Blue. However, the new claimant for the title of the last air-cooled 911 is a Turbo version, raising questions about which truly holds the distinction.

The seller asserts that while Seinfeld’s cabriolet was the final 993 to roll off the production line, this Turbo was the last to leave the factory. Removed from the line on the day Ferry Porsche died, it was then enhanced by the Special Wishes team with numerous custom options, culminating its factory journey six months later. This claim is supported by a Porsche certification, affirming this Turbo as the final 993 to exit the factory gates.

This 993 911 Turbo was tastefully customised with wheel spokes and brake callipers painted in Ocean Blue, matching the exterior. The cabin boasts extensive Midnight Blue leather upholstery, and a dash-mounted memorial plaque to Ferry Porsche, enhancing its collectability. Door sills engraved with ‘The Last Waltz’ underscore its uniqueness, celebrating its historical significance.

Despite being a non-S variant, it originally featured the WLS 2 Performance kit, elevating the M64/60 twin-turbo engine from 408hp to 450hp, aligning it with the top-spec Turbo S. Paired with a six-speed manual gearbox, it offers an authentic driving experience, reminiscent of Porsche’s pre-PDK era. Its impeccable condition is validated by multiple concours victories across Japan and the US.

Priced at £1,500,000, this 993 Turbo is not just a collector’s item but a piece of Porsche history. It’s a worthy investment, especially if it escapes to Seinfeld’s collection. Interested buyers should act swiftly—this Porsche’s rarity and Seinfeld’s known interest could lead to a quick sale.

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