Rolls-Royce has subtly upgraded its flagship SUV, the Cullinan, infusing it with an even darker soul while maintaining its position as the world’s priciest terrain-conqueror. A few years into its lifecycle, typically three to five, a car usually undergoes a mid-cycle refresh to incorporate new technologies and stay competitive for its remaining market life. For most cars, this refresh might include new lighting, updated interiors with larger displays, and a refreshed engine lineup. However, for luxury brands like Rolls-Royce, these updates are more about refining excellence.

Despite expectations of new powertrains following the spectacular electric coupé from Rolls-Royce, the Spectre, the Cullinan II sticks to its unique path. It eschews major engine or design overhauls for minor tweaks to its appearance and some shared luxury touches from the electric Spectre. Notably, the Cullinan II lacks any significant increase in power or noticeable reductions in consumption, sticking instead to its luxurious, high-powered roots with a 600-horsepower engine that remains unchanged in efficiency.

The Cullinan Series II continues to set the standard for SUVs and off-road vehicles. It features minor aesthetic tweaks such as optional 23-inch wheels and subtle interior enhancements that reflect an even greater attention to detail than before. Despite its immense consumption, at 16 to 16.8 litres per 100 kilometres, the appeal of this luxury behemoth remains undiminished for its elite clientele.

For those seeking an even more unique Rolls-Royce experience, the Black Badge variant remains a popular choice. This model caters to a younger, more adventurous clientele, preferring a darker, more aggressive styling without significant changes in the model’s capabilities.

Its commanding presence is undeniable, with a 6.8-litre V12 engine delivering 600 horsepower and 900 Nm of torque, ensuring that the Black Badge variant continues to dominate the roads with both its performance and its striking aesthetic.

Rolls-Royce continues to innovate with interior customisations that are as artistic as they are comfortable. The bespoke perforated leather patterns, inspired by the cloudscapes over Goodwood, and the optional Duality Twill fabric made from natural bamboo fibres, highlight the brand’s commitment to luxurious, bespoke detailing. Each element is meticulously crafted to ensure uniqueness, allowing clients to personalise their vehicles extensively, down to the illuminated Cullinan nameplate and custom motifs, setting a new standard in automotive luxury and exclusivity.

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