Porsche has introduced the 911 GTS T-Hybrid, showcasing a significant advancement in hybrid technology. The new 992 GTS combines a turbocharged engine with electric assistance, achieving 0-62mph in under three seconds. Despite its middle-of-the-range status, the GTS is now a 193mph machine and a ten-second quarter-mile performer.

The hybrid system is not plug-in and cannot run solely on electric power. It features a 1.9kWh battery, providing power to two electric motors. One motor in the eight-speed PDK gearbox adds 55 horsepower, while the other, a 14bhp unit, enhances the turbo’s efficiency, virtually eliminating lag. The GTS’s single large turbo benefits from rapid spool-up, delivering seamless power.

In the previous GTS, there was a two-second delay between throttle input and maximum torque. This delay has now been reduced to half a second. Porsche’s engineers have managed to keep the GTS’s weight below 1,600kg, with a final kerb weight of 1,595kg. The 400-volt electrical architecture also powers the climate control, reducing the load on the engine and improving overall efficiency.

The GTS T-Hybrid features adaptive suspension that reacts faster due to its powerful electronic system. While handling improvements may not be drastic, the nose-lifter now operates more quickly, raising the front in one second. The GTS maintains a subtle hybrid identity, with minimal exterior indicators apart from aero blades in the front bumper.

Inside, the hybrid system remains discreet, with a display within the touchscreen showing battery usage. In normal driving, the car maintains a 70% battery charge, ensuring constant boost availability. In Sport Plus mode, the car focuses on performance, depleting the battery for maximum power.

The GTS T-Hybrid, priced from £132,600, offers various configurations, including cabrio and Targa tops, and all-wheel-drive options. Porsche’s innovative hybrid system ensures the 911 GTS T-Hybrid remains at the forefront of sports car technology, combining performance and efficiency in an unparalleled driving experience.

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