The Bentley Bentayga S, with its robust 550hp twin-turbo V8, rear-axle steering, and active anti-roll technology, typically meets the luxury SUV needs of most. For those desiring an edge, Bentley introduces the Apex Edition by Mulliner, touted as the most dynamically styled and performing Bentayga to date.

This special edition doesn’t boost engine power; instead, it focuses on enhancements like carbon rims. These 22-inch wheels, designed in collaboration with Bucci Composites, are notably lighter, reducing each wheel’s unsprung mass by six kilograms compared to standard wheels. Not only do they maintain camber better due to less flex, but they’re also exceptionally robust, designed to resist usual wear and damage.

The Apex Edition also includes Carbon Silicon Carbide brakes that excel over the standard by handling temperatures up to 1,000 degrees and reducing weight by 20kg compared to iron rotors. This total 44kg reduction in unsprung weight promises to significantly refine the driving experience. Aesthetically, the Apex Edition stands out with satin carbon exterior accents and exclusive interior highlights.

With only 20 units available, the colour options are surprisingly diverse, offered in six Mulliner-curated themes. An additional custom match is available for those who own a Le Mans Edition GT or GTC, ensuring their Bentayga mirrors their existing Bentley. Colour schemes range from Extreme Silver with contrasting stripes to the vibrant Orange Flame, ensuring a fit for every discerning taste.

This limited-edition Bentayga is not only a rarity but also an epitome of luxury and performance that carries no official price tag yet. However, given the exclusive enhancements, it’s expected to be a significant investment.

For those intrigued by unique Bentley configurations, other daring options like the Orange Flame are available to complement the distinctive style and performance of the V8 S.

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