McLaren has unveiled its latest marvel, the Artura Spider, marking its first foray into the realm of convertibles with a high-performance hybrid powertrain. This launch also introduces the second iteration of the Artura model, showcasing significant enhancements in power, performance, and driver engagement. The new Spider adds a predictable, yet exciting, dimension to the Artura line, combining the thrill of open-top driving with advanced technological upgrades.

It comes as no surprise that the Artura Spider has been announced, being fans of the coupe we’re looking forward to cruising in EV mode on a summers evening, before engaging the V6 and hearing its peaky tones with a new level of clarity.

In parallel with the Spider’s launch, the Artura coupe has also been treated to a few upgrades. Both the new Spider and coupe, designated as 2025 model year (MY25) vehicles, are available for order, with deliveries commencing mid-year depending on the region. These vehicles aim to excel in delivering dynamic performance, including better circuit capabilities, while also meeting the demands of regular driving and offering near-silent electric-drive benefits in urban settings. Of course, the standout feature is the Spider’s retractable hard-top, which operates electrically in a mere 11 seconds, enhancing the model’s allure.

At the heart of the Artura’s superior performance is McLaren’s super-lightweight engineering philosophy. The Artura Spider boasts a lightest dry weight of just 1,457kg and a kerbweight (DIN) of only 1,560kg, surpassing its competitors in lightness by up to 83kg.

The high-performance hybrid powertrain of the Artura Spider, producing 690bhp (700PS), works with its lightweight design to optimise every aspect of performance. 

The McLaren Carbon Lightweight Architecture (MCLA), central to the Artura, ensures a rigid platform with no loss of rigidity when the fixed roof is removed. The majority of the weight difference between the Spider and coupe is due to the electrically-operated Retractable Hard Top (RHT) mechanism.

The MY25 Artura’s powertrain recalibration focuses on enhancing performance from 4,000rpm to the 8,500rpm redline. This engine upgrade will also be available to existing Artura owners free of charge through McLaren Retailers. The 3.0-litre M630 dry-sump aluminium petrol engine is notably compact and lightweight, weighing just 160kg. Its 120-degree V angle design aids a low centre of gravity and allows for a rev limit of 8,500rpm. The engine’s free-revving nature is supported by the strategically positioned twin-turbochargers within the ‘hot vee’.

McLarne insists that the engine’s soundtrack has been refined, featuring a revised valved exhaust system with a tuned resonator and upward conical tailpipes. An optional sports exhaust system is available, enhancing the auditory experience with authentic sound waves channelled into the cabin.

Complementing the V6 engine is a compact axial flux E-motor within the transmission bell housing, generating 95PS and 225Nm. The E-motor is powered by a battery pack with a usable energy capacity of 7.4kWh, offering an increased EV range of 33km (21 miles).

The Artura Spider’s hybrid componentry adds just 130kg to the overall weight, instrumental in achieving best-in-class weight figures. The instant torque delivery of the E-motor, combined with the 605PS of the twin-turbocharged V6 engine, ensures razor-sharp throttle response and acceleration.

The Artura Spider boasts impressive performance figures, such as 0-100km/h (0-62mph) in 3.0 seconds and a maximum speed limited to 330km/h (205mph). A Launch Control system and new ‘Spinning Wheel Pull-Away’ feature enhance track performance, while new powertrain mounts improve stability, steering feel, and overall vehicle agility.

The rear suspension, paired with McLaren’s Proactive Damping Control system, supports exceptional ride and handling characteristics. The Artura’s dynamic handling modes – Comfort, Sport, and Track – adjust body control through damper modification, tailoring the driving experience to the driver’s preference. From our coupe experience, we can confirm the the coped with the varied road surfaces with little fuss.

The Artura’s advanced eight-speed transmission has been specifically designed for its high-performance hybrid powertrain. Gearbox calibration revisions include a new pre-fill feature for faster gear changes, enhancing shift speeds by 25%. Power is transmitted to the rear wheels via a lightweight and compact electronically controlled differential (E-diff).

The Artura offers four powertrain drive modes: Comfort, Sport, Track, and the emissions-free E-mode. Each mode adjusts the electric and hybrid drive for optimal performance and driver engagement.

Visually, the Artura Spider is immediately recognisable, with the integration of the Retractable Hard Top and unique design elements distinguishing it from the coupe. Features like the sculpted bodywork, ‘hammerhead’ nose, integrated front fender louvres, and dihedral doors are familiar, but never get boring.

As a convertible, the Artura Spider possesses its own visual identity. The requirements of the RHT system shape its design, with all-new buttresses incorporating the rollover structure and a heated rear screen enhancing comfort and driver engagement.

The Artura Spider introduces a new aerothermal cooling system for the powertrain, accommodating the RHT and reducing air buffeting. This system features four separate ducting systems, distinctively marked by rear deck inlets for cooling and airflow management.

The cabin of the Artura Spider mirrors that of the coupe, offering a driver-focused environment. The ‘clean’ steering wheel, devoid of buttons and controls, focuses on key driving information and minimises distractions. The McLaren Clubsport seat, standard in most markets, combines the functionality of a movable backrest with the support of a bucket seat, suitable for both road and track use.

The Artura’s infotainment system (MIS II) delivers smartphone-like responsiveness, with features such as smartphone mirroring and wireless charging. MIS II also enables various ADAS driver assistance features, enhancing safety and convenience.

The Artura Spider is priced from £221,500 in its home UK market. There are three additional interior specifications available, each offering a unique aesthetic – Performance, TechLux, and Vision. An extended palette of exterior paints is also available, allowing for further personalisation.

Each new Artura comes with comprehensive warranties and service plans, including a five-year, unlimited mileage vehicle warranty; a six-year, 75,000km/45,000mile battery warranty; and a ten-year anti-perforation body warranty. These warranties can be extended, and a three-year service plan and a five-year roadside assistance package are also included.

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