Unchanged Design, Enhanced Capabilities

Audi has opted to maintain the familiar design of the RS E-tron GT, ensuring that even a distinctive camouflage wrap does little to alter its recognized exterior. The primary enhancements have been focused internally, fulfilling the grand tourer promise implied by its name. This update introduces advanced motors at both the front and rear of the vehicle, along with more robust battery configurations. The latest battery options include 82kWh and 97kWh packs, featuring nickel-manganese-cobalt cell chemistry for faster charging and discharging capabilities.

Extended Range and Power

The upgraded battery packs not only promise to extend the driving range significantly beyond the previous 264 miles but also boost the rapid-charging capability from 270kW to an impressive 320kW. While Audi has confirmed an increase in power for the RS E-tron GT, the exact figures remain undisclosed. Given the competitive landscape, particularly with the Porsche Taycan Turbo S now reaching 764bhp, it is anticipated that the RS E-tron GT will boast around 700bhp.

Refined Driving Experience

From the driver’s seat, the new RS E-tron GT feels immensely powerful, designed to tackle the challenging conditions of Oman’s mountainous terrains. While its acceleration remains as impressive as ever, the real improvements lie in its handling.

Audi has introduced a new active suspension system, akin to Porsche’s Active Ride System in the Taycan, which finely tunes each wheel using hydraulic actuators to enhance ride smoothness.

Innovative Suspension and Handling

This system cleverly adjusts to road conditions by employing vehicle data and road-sensing technology, optimising comfort in standard driving modes and enhancing agility in sportier settings.

Whether cruising in comfort or engaging in spirited driving, the active suspension supports a broad performance spectrum, maintaining a smooth ride or aiding in sharper handling and cornering dynamics.

Promising Early Impressions

During test drives on uneven terrain, the potential of Audi’s innovative suspension system was unmistakably apparent, effectively masking much of the vehicle’s considerable mass. This duality of comfort and performance aligns perfectly with the dual expectations placed on the RS E-tron GT.

These initial impressions suggest that the latest updates will significantly enhance the appeal of the E-tron GT, confirming its position as a leading contender in the electric grand touring segment, along side its sibling from Stuttgart.

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