This is the ER W70, a US supercar project the bears a passing resemblance to the new LaFerrari. It was apparently designed in 2012, before we even knew what the LaFerrari would look like. It seems clear though that the design was inspired by the Project 150 test mules that were spotted around that time. It’s what the LaFerrari would look like if Ferrari had reduced the amount of research and development hours.

As you can see, the resemblance to the LaFerrari is clear. The headlights look as though they were lifted from the flagship Ferrari, the roof is designed to emulate its two-tone style. Even the rear glass house bears a passing resemblance.

The ER W70 comes with a 7.0 litre LS7 V8 as standard. Power is rated at 626 hp with a 6-speed manual transaxle pushing the power to the rear wheels. The frame is aluminium, although we haven’t managed to glean any further information on the chassis side of things.

A part of the W70 that the manufacturer is keen to push is the suspension setup. The W70 includes both racing coilovers and an air suspension system. ER also fit sensors to the front of the car which automatically lifts the nose when it detects a low surface.

The ER W70 gets a braking system with 14 inch two piece crossdrilled floating rotors and 8 piston callipers on the front and 6 piston callipers at the rear. Inside, infotainment comes courtesy of a touch screen display with trim options tailored to each individual customer’s choice.

If the above is simply not enough for you, there are sum upgrade options. The first two add twin turbochargers for power increases up to 900 hp and 1,200 hp respectively. A carbon fibre exterior package includes a front bumper lip, rear bumper diffusers, engine lid vents, lower side skirts pieces and side view mirrors bases.

The ER W70 will apparently begin production next month with 5 advanced orders. The price is set at $250,000 with a 50% deposit required to secure a place on the production run. Just 70 cars are planned and there is an 8 month lead time from deposit to completion. The questions remains, would you want one?

ER W70 (5)

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