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10 Reasons The Ferrari 458 Speciale Aperta is Magnificent

Ferrari is a brand that is known globally and carries with it prestige, heritage and pedigree that no other automotive manufacturer could ever match. With icons such as the F40,F50, 250 GTO it is no surprise that the pressure is on a the boys in Maranello to produce machines that are inspirational and will continue to be the most desirable.

The latest generation V8 is something very contentious as it sprouted a set of turbochargers in the back of the 488. Yes, the F40 and others were turbocharged, but as modern Ferraris go, turbocharging is uncharted territory aside from the Formula 1 car that has been embarrassed by the infallible Mercedes-AMG powerplant. The last naturally aspirated V8 was arguably the best V8 not only to grace a Ferrari, but any car from the past decade. It is a shame that the free breathing engine has been consigned to the history books, but Ferrari took the opportunity to make a car that was exceptional and mighty, the 458 Speciale and Speciale Aperta. I flew over to Abu Dhabi and met a friend that owns a unique Speciale Aperta. Here are 10 reasons why this car is so sublime.

A Speciale mention to @The23Collection for letting me shoot and experience this phenomenal car!


1. That Engine

Here are the figures. There is a 4.5-litre V8 (458) that sit behind the passenger cabin and churns out a not so insignificant 597 horsepower that is delivered at a howling 9,000rpm. You get 398lb ft of torque and if you want you can achieve 24mpg…but believe me, you won’t want to.




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