Jaguar XJ220 Fast Food Edition

Dubai can be a bizarre place at the best of times. Those that haven’t been have images of a city driving around in insane supercars and abandoned Ferrari Enzo’s and Lamborghini Gallardo’s lining every street. That’s without mentioning the fleet of exotic hypercars that patrol the tourist areas. This latest edition probably just adds to the insane collection of automotive excess!

A Jaguar XJ220 has been spotted at Ibn Batuta Mall by the guys over at It is currently being used to advertise a new fast food restaurant ‘Mooyah’. Its about as far from its natural environment as physically possible. Once the fastest car in the world, this example now has a burger added onto the front with the Mooyah brand coloured onto the side.

Jaguar XJ220 Fast Food Edition

Both DriveArabia and Jalopnik have already commented that the lights have been replaced with units from a Jaguar XJ220 S. This isn’t actually true as the Jaguar XJ220 pictured here actually uses the standard headlights. The XJ220 featured what looked like popup headlights from launch, however, the cover actually dropped down to reveal the exposed lamps. The only XJ220’s to use a different set of lights were the TWR XJ220-S with a single lamp and clear perspex covers and the Sultan of Brunei’s unique Jaguar XJ220 Pininfarina.


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