While Forza Motorsport 5 is already one of the most highly anticipated launch titles for the new Xbox One, that hasn’t stopped Microsoft and Turn 10 Studios from getting creative with their marketing efforts.

Dubbed ‘FilmSpeed’, the visually stunning promo features Top Gear America star and racing driver Tanner Foust at the wheel of a modified McLaren MP4-12C. The so-called zoetrope (similar to a flipbook) effect was achieved by mounting 680 Forza 5 screenshots around the perimeter of the race track.


Foust then drove the McLaren alongside the photos while the camera captured each frame until the images became one moving image.

In order to get the shots necessary for the commercial, the director mounted a camera directly to the engine of the McLaren. He could then control the camera from a little screen inside the car.

While the written description may be a bit hard to grasp (we had trouble at first), the video should sort out all the confusion. The effect is actually pretty spectacular, so check out the video above.



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