Chinese Enthusiasts Pagani Huayra Replica

A Chinese enthusiast has apparently created this Pagani Huayra look-a-like. The convertible supercar replica looks to have been built alongside other Chinese crossover body shells. We haven’t managed to obtain any further information, however, it seems clear that the car borrows heavily from the Italian hypercar.

Obvious styling cues include the front splitter and bonnet with deep vents. The headlights mirror those found on the Huayra, as do the rear taillights. The design lines also follow similar styles to those found on the Huayra. It is missing the iconic central quad exhaust, and the fantastic quality engineered into the real think.

The windscreen is pure comedy as it appears to narrow to the point where it no longer covers occupants. We’re not sure what the bodywork hides by way of chassis or engine, however, it sure isn’t Pagani’s wonderful V12 powerplant. The interior isn’t on display, however, we’re sure it hides similar levels of overkill…

Chinese Enthusiasts Pagani Huayra Replica

Perhaps we have been looking at things the wrong way though. For all we know, this could be the long awaited prototype Pagani Huayra Roadster undergoing top secret testing in China. Who knows what’s really going on in these pictures…

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