While DJ Afrojack may be amazing at thrilling a crowd of thousands with his music, up until now his driving skills would have impressed nobody.

Having famously crashed his Ferrari 458 just hours after purchasing it, the DJ decided to try a different tact. After purchasing his new Audi R8, he enlisted himself in drift training in order to better understand how a car with such high horsepower handles when the tires get a little loose.


And from the video released by Autoblog.nl on their YouTube page, the drift lessons, for intents and purposes, seem to have worked. The footage of Afrojack drifting circles in his R8 shows a relatively well understood knowledge of how the car is going to handle in a slide — a far cry from his embarrassing Ferrari escapade just a short while ago.

Remember, the Audi R8 is considered to be one of the best handling modern-day supercars available. Meaning it is a fantastic choice to learn car dynamics and handling, especially on a wet, rainy surface such as the one Afrojack was demosntrating on in the video.

Check out the video above and tell us your thoughts in the comments. How much have DJ Afrojack’s skills improved?

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