The Japanese tuning culture is definitely one of the most vibrant we know. Whereas tuning a Lamborghini or Ferrari in Europe is to give it a subtle power increase and a mild bodykit, Japanese customers obviously want more from their custom exotics. A case that proves this point recently came to us through Vitt Performance. We’ve seen their original bodykit for the Murcielago over a year ago. They are about to return with the second variant of the original design.

The aero kit is available for both the Lamborghini LP640 and the original VT. No details have been released but we can tell you what we see. Obviously, the paintwork and the LED lights are the owners own choice. What we’re really interested in is the modified bodywork. It seems that there’s a lot to been seen on this car.

It features a different rear wing to the last car. This one is fixed and matches the paintwork. There’s a redesigned front bumper featuring a lower splitter and contrast black and red paintwork. The side skirts feature the same ‘gill’ effect air vents in front of the rear wheels. At the back we have a completely different rear diffuser and bumper setup. The dual exhaust surrounds of the past have been replaced with a single tip styled on the LP670-4 SV and Aventador.

Let us know what you think in the comments box below. Would you choose the Vitt Performance kit over the rival LB Performance designs?

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