Lamborghini Diablo Crash in Germany

This morning, around 6.40, an accident happened involving a Lamborghini Diablo. The Lamborghini driver was stationary at the time, on the hard shoulder having suffered a breakdown. He had just exited the car to set up a warning triangle when a lorry driver ran into the back of the supercar, pushing it under the crash barrier.

The accident happened on the Autobahn 8 (A8) between Pforzheim and Karlsbad. No injuries were reported, which we think is something of a minor miracle! There are no details as to why the truck driver was on the hard shoulder. We suspect there’s a fair amount of damage at the back of the car too. Hopefully the Diablo can be repaired though!

[Via KA-News]


  1. The lorry driver was probably on the hard shoulder because he was an idiot and not paying attention to the road and just saw the lights and thought he was following the car in front while heading straight for the Diablo instead (stuff you get taught in German driving school: At night people head towards lights of cars they think are in front, this is why you always get the hell behind the barrier and move away from your stopped car on the shoulder)


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