Nissan GTR Crashed at Carolina Motorsports Park

If you want to race, it’s quite logical you think about going to a circuit. A place where you will be able to find the limits of your car. One of those circuits is the Carolina Motorsports Park in the United States.

Every now and then crashes happen on circuits. The driver of the Nissan GT-R shown in the video below pushed the pedal a bit too hard when his tires hit dirt next to the track. The result was a spin across the track and a hard impact into a tire wall. Luckily nobody was injured.

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  1. I’ve had a track day at CMP before. That kink on the back straight is difficult to push on because, like this guy did, he went in to fast. Oh well, lesson learned I guess haha. Great track by the way.

  2. He made it worst by lifting off the throttle. It’s AWD he should’ve step on it hard. But the speed was too high so probably he would’ve crash anyway.

  3. I didn’t think it is humanly possible to crash a R35 since it is driven by the computer, I guess there is exception to everything. The rear end look the same before and after, what is all that black stuff on the bumper? Good excuse to move to a 2012 or go all carbon body!

  4. “I didn’t think it is humanly possible to crash a R35 since it is driven by the computer”

    Here comes Mr “Im-repeating-stuff-like-a-dumb-ass”!
    Driven by the computer??I’ve never noticed that this car was sold with a remote controle.


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