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19-Year-Old Dies in Nissan GT-R Crash

Car Crash: 19-Year-Old Dies in Nissan GT-R Crash

A 19-year-old has died after crashing his high-powered Nissan GT-R after what local news crews state was due to excessive speed in the A2...
Nissan GTR Crash

Car Crash: Nissan GT-R Gets Airborne and Crashes

In general its known that the Nissan GT-R is faster than a BMW M3. As you can see in the video below the owner...

Car Crash: Nissan GT-R Crashed at Carolina Motorsports Park

If you want to race, it’s quite logical you think about going to a circuit. A place where you will be able to find...

Car Crash: Nissan R35 GT-R Burns Down in Malaysia

A group of Malaysian petrolheads were having a day out with their cars when a new Nissan R35 GT-R crashed into a Golf GTI,...

Nissan GT-R cuts tree in Bucharest crash

This Nissan GT-R cut a 15 meter high tree in the streets of Bucharest this monday. A chainsaw would have been a cheaper way...