What is better than one Liberty Walk Nissan GT-R? Two Liberty Walk Nissan GT-R’s!

Today we are bringing you two amazingly beautiful Liberty Walk Nissan GT-R’s – one in white and one in black. The white GT-R (gallery below) comes from ReinART Design in the Hoplite Industrial Center in Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong. The car is coated in radiant Opal White paint and features 20×11 and 20×12 Brixton Forged R10D Monaco Series wheels finished with Forged Bronze (matte clear) discs, Forged Bronze lips and polished 12 pt. hardware.

The black Liberty Walk GT-R (gallery below) was built by Nextmod & MS Autobody, in Ontario Canada and has been sold to a new owner in Florida. This Liberty Walk example features a Akrapovic Valvetronic titanium exhaust system and includes a plethora of added goodies from Mine’s, HKS and Top Secret.

The owner of the GT-R reportedly gave free-reign over the design and modification of the car. In order to create a unified look, Brixton Forged worked closely with NextMod and MS Autobody. Brixton Forged fitted this GT-R with a 21×12 and 21×13.5 set up rather than the traditional 20″ set up that most of these builds come with. The wheels featured here are Brixton Forged R25 Monaco Series wheels finished with 120 grit brushed Smoke Black discs and high-luster polished Carbon Bronze outer lips.

Check out the gallery of both cars and tell us which one is your favorite in the comments!

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