Car Crash Dartz Prombron Kombat T98

This is the first time we are going to report on a car crash involving a Dartz Kombat armored truck. The accident happened somewhere in Russia. The vehicle rolled over with a speed of about 190 to 200km/h, according to the report.

Rolling over a four-ton truck is quite an achievement, doing it with a speed of 200km/h makes it even more unique. We highly doubt the speed reported by is correct. The maximum speed is only 160km/h and after trying the massive truck ourselves in Monaco we highly doubt it is capable of reaching its top speed easily. In the end the driver escaped the incident without any injury.

Car Crash Dartz Prombron Kombat T98 01

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  1. Looks like a lot of damage for a armored vehicle. Then again have you car rollover does tend to mess it up pretty badly. Looks like it caught fire as well…

  2. 200km/h = 124MPH

    If this vehicle rolled over @ 124MPH and sustained THIS kind of damage, its safe to say its the worst armored vehicle on earth. Regular pick-ups crash @ 70-80MPH and look better than this. Although that’s only about 70-80% the speed, they have no armor plating, structural reinforcement or special tires.

    This truck not only lost most of its front end – it caught on fire and lost a run-flat tire.

    So its either a terrible build or this thing was attacked by a small shoulder mounted rocket and flipped.

  3. @Authority figure:
    Have you seen the video of the Dogde Ram SRT10 which rolled over? The car was slow as hell and the roof was completly destroyed. This looks by far a lot better especially because this car hit 2 other cars before!

  4. If you look more careful you’ll see that only the front is damaged and this is from collision with another vehicle if you ask me, not from rolling over.

  5. @Authority Figure :

    rolling over at 200km/h usually = fatality.

    this vehicle has sustained little damage. only the front is mangled. look at the rest. nothing. its protected what its meant to protect

  6. For the attention of Authority Figure; you are exceptionally ignorant and have no knowledge of armoured vehicles. I do not like to use the expression "muppet", but have you ever been in any vehicle in an explosive situation? You have no knowledge. You are an idiot!


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