Ferrari 599 GTO India Edition for MS Dhoni

Last Sunday India won the 2011 World Cup cricket, bringing home their second cricket World Cup victory ever after their first World Cup win in 1983. As a special present their captain MS Dhoni received a one-off Ferrari 599 GTO India Edition to celebrate their win.

The Ferrari 599 GTO India Edition is an otherwise standard Ferrari 599 GTO with the Indian tricolor flag on the bonnet and a special plate in the interior pointing out the special India edition.

Despite being an India special edition the steering wheel is on the left side, rather inconvenient in India where the traffic drives on the left side of the road. Just the idea of driving a Ferrari with the steering wheel on the wrong side in the busy Indian traffic is quite challenging.

We wish MS Dhoni a lot of fun with his gift and hope to see some photos from the Indian roads soon!

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  1. Ferrari is dumb to call this some sort of special edition… It has a flag going down the middle of the car, Nothing special about that. I bet that cost an extra $25K LoL

  2. i honestly doubt we are gonna see it. people in bombay might spot it out late at night cause thats the only time you could take such a car out. especially with the steering on the left.

  3. Please note that this vehicle belongs to a business man in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. who kept the car for service. the pic was taken at the service station by an mechanic. Dhoni have no role in this car. I personally saw this car at the service center 5 days ago.


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