Lamborghini Toro LA690-4 Design Concept 480x280

The Lamborghini Toro LA690-4 – you are now looking at – is a conceptual study penned by independent designer Amadou Ndiaye. The Toro LA690-4 is a front-engined supercar created to compete against other exotics like the Aston Martin One 77 and the Lexus LFA.

The designer’s words express that the car’s LA 690-4 designation stands for ‘Longitudinale Anteriore’ or ‘Front Longitudinal’ in English, while “690” refers to the V12 engine’s fictional output and ‘4’ to the car’s all-wheel drive system. The V12 engine is coupled to a seven-speed double clutch transmission. Ndiaye envisions that the chassis, body panels and other parts of the car should be made from carbon fiber and magnesium to save weight.

We must say the looks aren’t a true Lamborghini-styled design. The long nose with its negative angle and short back aren’t really design influences we see in current Lamborghini designs. The pictures show a LF-A look-a-like with some decent Lamborghini influences from current production and concept models. What are your thoughts on the design?

[Via Carscoop]

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  1. Yes, the front is a copy/paste of the Estoque and yes, it’s a bit pretentious to render the car as if it was at the Villa D’Este’s Concours of Elegance. But these oversized air scoops on the sides are “kinda Lamborghinish” (to me), so I “kinda like it”.

  2. I feel they should look back to the Miura Concept and the Countach and refreshen the Desines and bring them back into play …this is a nissan/toyota look and its not an Italain styling at all, very plain look and all too common..Lamborghini should go back to Bertoni or Marcello Gandini and get a better design … go to the roots that made Lamborghini the the worlds most exotic Supercar EVER!!

  3. it just looks like a lambo’d LFA, wait it is just a LFA. not that the LFA was anything great to brag on about.

    porsche shot itself in the foot. i hope lambo dont follow

  4. Mee too Lamborghini has come a long way and have made better cars than back in the 60-80″s the styling was the best on the cars and to take that away is just something i would hate to see happen.Even if they brought back the countach now or even that Miura concept car that would be Sweeeet! This thing is part Audi and I dont like any designer named after a german doughtnut next they will have vw bugs with lambo doors lol

  5. Steven …that Miura Concept car was an awsome looking car and they would have done really well with it if they built it..the Countach was so ahead of the 80’s with the looks if they brought it back it would still be top of the exotics…just seeing one today on the road is prize to see or at a car show not many around now.

  6. Lamborghini should be ashamed of themselves if they allow this to happen. It looks like Mahindra or great wall tried to copy a Galardo.


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