Second Bertone Mantide Sold for 1.2m 480x820

A buyer from Dubai has bought the second production model of the Bertone Mantide. The supercar uses a Corvette ZR1 as a base for the car, but has a different body designed by Jason Castriota to show case Bertone’s design expertise.

In total, ten Mantide’s will be sold. The first buyer has not been named officially. Comedian Jay Leno was rumoured to be the second person to get his hands on a Mantide. We can only guess if he is still on the waiting list for a car.

[Via Autocar]

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  1. Its brilliant, although it looks nothing like the ZR1 ,its great to know its built from a great super car. just look at it. it looks outa this world. the name mantide suits it perfectly. no other name has ever been such a fit with its car.


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