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Bertone Mantide on Transport in Dubai

Jalopnik reader Amirali spotted one of ten Corvette ZR1-based Bertone Mantide's being transported in Dubai. The vehicle is wearing Massachusetts plates. This is the...

Spotted: Bertone Mantide in Dubai

Perhaps you have heard about this story; Second Bertone Mantide Sold for £1.2m. The car has been spotted in Dubai, UAE by a member...

Second Bertone Mantide Sold for £1.2m

A buyer from Dubai has bought the second production model of the Bertone Mantide. The supercar uses a Corvette ZR1 as a base for...

Jay Leno Second Buyer Bertone Mantide?

It must be said, we didn't skip a news topic regarding the Bertone Mantide. The car, introduced in Shanghai, was showcased around the world...

Bertone Mantide Production Expanded & Price Tag Known

The Corvette ZR1-based sportscar with its controversial design was unveiled at the Shanghai Motor Show and showcased at Grand Hotel Villa d’Este last week....