Thanks to Team Unlimited Class:

Kevin had to fly back to L.A. after we arrived in Las Vegas to prep for a commercial that he was shooting the next week. Our plan remained to roll with Jason G and Peter, as usual, with Sarah joining along for the ride. (Well, Kevin and I joined in for the ride with Skiny, and were pretty much just barnacles to Skiny’s car as he wanted to do most of the driving. Sarah had always been an intended car occupant, unlike us!)

After a brief tour of the Shelby factory at Las Vegas Raceway, I jumped behind the wheel and we were on the way to Havasu City for an elusive checkpoint near the London Bridge that didn’t match anyone’s GPSes. We had to ask the local mailwoman where the checkpoint was, and ended up there 5th or so after running 1-4 with the Collins brothers in their Ferrari, Team Riecke in the AMG, and Claus in his Brabus.

After we got stuck in some road construction and a roadside photo shoot with Ashley, Skiny was once again able to take the wheel after we left Nevada and were back in California. (Previous rally experience has made it that Skiny doesn’t drive in Nevada these days.)

Jason and the gang got a bit ahead of us after a nice CHP officer pulled us over to “chew the fat

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