The Bugatti hyper sport cars delivered to customers around the world in 2021 include the first Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+ special edition, La Voiture Noire, all remaining Divo units and a reinterpretation of Bugatti’s coachbuilding heritage.

Bugatti CEO Mate Rimac recently gave a statement confirming that the combustion engine will survive in future models including the Chiron successor. You can watch his full statement below.

The Bugatti brand expanded in 2021 to reach more markets worldwide, four new showrooms were opened by the new Bugatti partners, over 100 activities were organized by the local partners and nine major events were organized from Bugatti’s headquarters in Molsheim.

Additionally, the major events showcased the mastery of engineering and design to customers and Bugatti fans all over the world. Bugatti showrooms can now be accessed in Asia with Tokyo and Singapore, in the Middle East with Riyadh and in the UK with Manchester.

Bugatti will continue to embark on a new path towards the future under the new joint company Bugatti Rimac, with Rimac Automobili and Porsche in 2022. The company will also continue to showcase the most advanced technologies, unique performances as well as fine craftsmanship and design under Mate’s leadership whose role will be to ensure Bugatti’s DNA continues to strengthen.

Bugatti plans to deliver at least 80 vehicles this year and to finalize the special Centodieci project.

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