Mini’s highlight at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show is the Mini John Cooper Works GP Concept. Although it is labelled a concept, the ultimate pocket rocket concept from Mini isn’t far off the real deal.

The John Cooper Works GP Concept is probably the most hardcore Mini we have seen to date. It comes with an aggressive wide looking bodykit, where the massive rear spoiler probably takes the crown when it comes to absurdity. Despite the massive add-ons, the GP Concept still appears to be very functional.

Other cool details are the taillights with a hint of the British flag and the bright red accents all around. The interior is as stripped out as you’d expect from a proper race car. It comes fully equipped with a roll cage, bucket seats, and even part of the roof was left out to save weight. Despite stripping the interior down to the bare essentials, it still looks quite refined.

For now there is no word about what will be under the hood of the GP Concept, but there is no doubt it will be fierce. For full details on the Mini John Cooper Works GP Concept, check out our earlier article. For more from the Frankfurt Motor Show 2017, check out our dedicated news channel!

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