It is feared that almost 6000 models from Jaguar Land Rover were destroyed in the recently Tianjin, China explosions which killed at least 114 people.

As the facilities near the site where the explosions took place remains restricted, the British marque has been unable to exactly quantify the number of its vehicles destroyed. However, Jaguar Land Rover’s parent group Tata Motors believes that around 5800 cars have been either destroyed or heavily damaged.

Discussing the event, Jaguar Land Rover said in a statement “Our thoughts are with them as well as with all those who were injured in this tragic event. Tianjin Port is one of three major locations in China through which Jaguar Land Rover imports vehicles. At the time of the explosion, approximately 5,800 vehicles that had recently been shipped to China were stored at various locations in Tianjin.

“However, access to facilities near the site of the explosion remains restricted and so whilst we believe many of these vehicles may have been damaged, we are presently unable to quantify the numbers of units affected,” JLR confirmed.

Volkswagen, Hyundai, Toyota and BMW also lost numerous vehicles in the explosions with local media claiming that about 8000 vehicles in total were destroyed.

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