A mysterious prototype of the next-generation Mercedes-Benz E-Class has just been spied testing. According to reports, it could be the recently rumoured Mercedes-Maybach E-Class which will become the second new model to wear the fabled Maybach badge after the S-Class.

Compared to other E-Class prototypes spied in recent months, the car pictured quite clearly sports an extended wheelbase. Additionally, heavy camouflage is present across the entire exterior including the extended rear side windows.

Compared to the current E-Class, we know that the new model will utilise the same shared MRA platform as the new C-Class. This new platform is not only lighter than the one currently used by the E-Class, but it is also more rigid thanks to its utilisation of aluminium in its construction.

Under the hood, a few key changes are predicted. First and foremost, there is a suggestion that a host of new engines are being tested for the new E-Class including a few inline-six cylinder engines. The new inline-six cylinder engine from Mercedes-Benz, no matter of its displacement, will then spawn brand new four-cylinder and three-cylinder engines for the brand.

If the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class is anything to go off, there’s a possibility that the Maybach E-Class will be available in a number of different variations with a variety of engines.

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