A fifth generation Legend Lime Mustang (available only in 2005-2006) has been causing eyebrows to rise for some time at the Hermanos Rodríguez racetrack, in México City. The 4.6L V8 engine has an announced output of 300 hp which is surely not enough for actual standards, but in its time it had no point of comparison. Keeping it up to the task, the car has been extensively modified to get outstanding results at the quarter mile. Modifications include Hoosier drag radials, beefier transmission and engine components, electronic tweaks and an enormous centrifugal supercharger that increases boost in a modest 16psi measure for a total power output of 715 rwhp.

The following video was taken at one of the drag nights that used to be a tradition at the racetrack until some weeks ago it was temporarily shut down to be renewed and prepared for the upcoming F1 season. While it may be just a glimpse of the capabilities of the Mustang, it is undeniable that the GTR had a tough time and it is debatable if the result could have been different.

Drag Stang vs GTR from Armando Osoyo on Vimeo.

After all, it is your opinion what matters the most to us. Is that race enough to prove the modded Mustang is a better drag racer? Leave your comments and share with your friends!


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