“El Garage de Pepino” opens its showroom doors in the Santa Fe area of Mexico City, as the first private car collection to be accessed by the general public.

On a no-fee entrance basis from Monday to Friday, El Garage the Pepino tries to bring car enthusiasts and some of the most interesting cars together. Private, guided tours are available as well, with a display of cars that will be constantly changing as the collection contains several times more cars than what the showroom can handle at once.

Pepino, as he is known by his friends, started importing into Mexico some of the most well preserved cars, special editions, and oddities he could find for his personal garage. Hence the name “El Garage de Pepino”. His collection quickly started growing and it evolved from several versions of the classic Ford Mustang, to modern sportscars and supercars, to even the rarest of limited production runs like the Artega GT.

His sons are now in charge of the collection and keeping the legacy alive; they started a Youtube channel, social media accounts, and even came up with the idea of an open to the general public showroom where people could see the cars, other than at select private events.

This March, El Garage de Pepino celebrated their grand opening with members from specialized media, influencers, friends and family. They’re now officially open to the public at the Zentrika mall in Santa Fe, a few hundred meters away from the Koenigsegg, Rimac and Bugatti dealer in Mexico.

The ultimate goal through this project is to give back to the community not only in the form of free-of-charge access, but to donate all profit from private tours and events with a philanthropic cause. A cars & coffee event is in the works at their location, where other collectors and fans, as well as sponsors, may join with their vehicles and ultimately all proceeds will be donated.

As said by Cabeto, one of Pepino’s sons, “At El Garage de Pepino, we are not only car collectors; We are guardians of stories on wheels, custodians of nostalgia on four wheels. Each vehicle that rests in our sanctuary tells its own story, whispers of its past adventures and awakens forgotten memories. We seek to not only preserve these automotive gems, but also share their magic with those who share our passion. In every corner of our garage, time stops to celebrate the beauty of the past and feed the dreams of the future.”

If you live in Mexico City, feel free to drop by and say hi to the El Garage de Pepino team, as doors are always open to all supercar fans! Don’t forget to mention/tag GTspirit in your stories.

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