As McLaren welcomes new ownership, the renowned supercar manufacturer is set to reveal its upcoming design ethos. The provided teaser image, along with a collection of intriguing sketches, suggests the new designs will maintain a close kinship with McLaren’s current style. This new design philosophy garners inspiration from the brand’s extensive history, including Formula 1, Can-Am racing, and the legendary F1 road car.

The front design of forthcoming McLaren models will feature a low-profile nose and dual symmetrical elements. The recent 750S, with its integrated headlight and air intake system, serves as a prime example of this design, though specific details for future models remain under wraps.

The teaser sketches unveil a side profile that is more striking and sharply defined compared to the 750S. Notably, the doors showcase a more pronounced downward curve, enhancing the front fender’s prominence, while the roof presents a flatter, smoother transition to the rear.

A key characteristic of future models is the extended rear overhang, designed to encompass an open and ventilated rear section — a trait common in McLaren’s current fleet. This design aids in heat dissipation and underscores the vehicle’s wide stance and low profile, complemented by horizontally-oriented elements like diffusers and aerodynamic features.

McLaren’s fresh design perspective extends to the vehicle interiors, where “wrap-around” cockpits are set to offer a spacious yet enveloping experience. These interiors will blend concave surfaces seamlessly within the cabin space.

The recent complete acquisition of McLaren Group by Bahrain Mumtalakat Holding Company signals a new chapter for the automaker. This move positions McLaren to further invest in new product development and technological advancements.

Despite facing financial challenges in recent years, the company is on a path to resurgence under new leadership. We expect to see a saloon car or SUV added to the range in the near future in a attempt to create a higher margin “cash cow” join the line-up in the hope to emulating the success of the Lamborghini URUS and, more recently, the Ferrari Purosangue.

Anticipation is building for the launch of McLaren’s next hypercar, expected later this year. Rumoured to boast over 1,000 horsepower from a plug-in hybrid V8, this model is likely to be the first to showcase McLaren’s exciting new design language.

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