Tesla Model X to Begin Production Later This Year

In an official email to a reservation holder, it has been confirmed that production of the Tesla Model X SUV will begin later this year before the first customer cars are delivered early next year.

Alongside this news, the email also revealed a host of features for the Model X with arguably the most notable being the inclusion of the unique falcon doors which debuted on the concept car. Furthermore, the Tesla Model X will be available with a third-row of seating with an all-wheel drive system being standard. Finally, the second and the optional third row will fold flat for extra luggage space.

Of course, launching the Tesla Model X is not by far the only thing on the manufacturer’s agenda at the moment. As we speak, development of the entry-level, third-gen Tesla sedan is also in the works, as is the continued supercharger network rollout across the United States, Europe and China. What’s more, the company is also working on producing a new gigafactory to produce lithium ion batteries in quantities never seen before.

Additionally, company CEO Elon Musk revealed his intentions for the manufacturer to open up a Chinese production facility in the next 3-4 years. Producing cars for the local market will enable Tesla to avoid China’s current 25 per cent import tariffs. However, selling electric cars to the Chinese could prove difficult as it is something the government has been trying to do for some time with little success.

Finally, Musk also recently revealed that if sales reach a high enough level, a European factory could be opened.

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