After the scandal and mystery surrounding the Ferrari ‘SP FFX’ sketches, yet more patent drawings have made it into public circulation and this time we are pretty sure we know what they are for, it is all very exciting! The sketches were leaked by the Chinese patent office that is certainly earning itself a reputation for not being able to keep many secrets!

Initial speculation suggested that these renderings were in fact showcasing a Ferrari F12 GTO or even the latest addition to the ‘FXX Programme’ but they are actually leaked images of another one-off Ferrari dubbed the Ferrari SP Arya.

Word first came out about the car in August last year, when it was confirmed that 32-year-old businessman Cheerag Arya had commissioned the one-off. Based on the Ferrari 599 GTO, these images show that the car has been heavily influenced by the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta. In fact, on first glance it simply looks like a more aggresive F12. The images depict similar proportions to the regular Ferrari 599 GTO but there is a different front bumper, revised front spoiler, a new grille, air vents on the nose that are similar to those on the new 458 Speciale, wider side skirts, outrageous aero parts on the B-pillar, and a revised rear with a mammoth diffuser.

The upcoming Ferrari SP Arya will become the fifth project by the Ferrari Special Projects team which have previously created the Ferrari SP1, P540 Superfast Aperta, Eric Clapton’s SP12 EC and the Ferrari Superamerica 45.


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