Are 2015 Ferrari California Patents Actually the One-Off SP FFX?

Following recent confusion about what was shown in recent Ferrari patents and whether or not it is the upcoming 2015 Ferrari California, new information has been revealed which if correct, could mean the later is true and that it was indeed an extreme Ferrari FF coupe.

It’s emerged that on the same day the patent drawings were filed, Ferrari also filed patents for the name SP FXX as well as a logo. For those that didn’t know, in Ferrari lingo SP stands for Special Projects and has been used for cars such as Eric Clapton’s Ferrari 458 Italia based SP12. Consequently, it seems obvious that Ferrari is current prepping a new special, hardcore variant of one of its models and that it is just a matter of which it is.

Are 2015 Ferrari California Patents Actually the One-Off SP FFX?

The patented drawings of the car itself were speculated to be of the next-gen Ferrari California largely because it features the triple-vents currently used on existing Ferrari California. However, the car was sporting the headlights, taillights and door mirrors of the Ferrari FF. The most evident change over the regular Ferrari FF however, is the fact that this mysterious patented Ferrari is a coupe.

So it begs the question, why would someone want a hardcore Ferrari FF coupe instead of a hardcore Ferrari F12 Berlinetta? We’ll have to wait and see.

[Via Jalopnik]



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