Dutch Scientist Discover how to Hack Porsches, Lamborghinis and More

A Group of Dutch and British scientists have discovered how to start luxury and exotic cars such as Porsches, Lamborghinis, Audis and Bentleys by discovering the secret algorithm used to identify the identity of each unique ignition key.

The scientists, Baris Ege, Roel Verdult and Flavio Garcia wanted to publish an academic paper revealing their findings and the secret codes, but the high court of Britain has imposed an injunction stopping the publishing of such papers. Their findings were so incredible in fact, that his codes could simply lockpick most of the world’s most expensive cars wirelessly opening up the possibility for car jackers around the world to steal cars with little more than a computer and some secret codes.

Flavio Garcia claims that the public needs to be aware of the flaws in safety systems. What’s more, if manufacturers became aware of these problems they could then close up these loopholes.

It seems the codes that they cracked belong to Porsche, Bentley, Lamborghini and Audi. All of which are part of the Volkswagen Group, no surprise that the Volkswagen Group has successfully tried to block the publication of the paper so far as millions of vehicles could be at risk of theft after publication of the paper.

Either way Volkswagen Group might have to step up their security on future models and possibly even replace existing ones. If a group of scientists can ‘hack’ the codes, certain high-level crime networks can do the same.

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