A Corvette C5 was among the casualties of the Oklahoma tornadoes that swept across the nation end of May. The owner then went back to check out the aftermath but was surprised after starting up the engine which would then respond impressively. It fired up proving that the life in the V8 was still present. However, the body was torn away beyond minor repairs; the drivetrain is the only pride that he holds.

Central Oklahoma has more tornadoes per square mile than anywhere on Earth according to AccuWeather meteorologist Mike Smith. The one that hit on May 31 measured 2.6 miles wide, the widest ever recorded. These tornadoes are called EF5 or F5 meaning they travel above the 200mph mark, that’s supercar speed for you!

According to Corvette Blogger, the Corvette belonged to a guy named Shane. Before the tornado hit, Shane alongside his girlfriend and their dog drove away in their Chevy Trailblazer SS, to a secure location. But his home and sports car was not spared.

[Source: GM Authority]



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