Video Dartz Prombron L4P Ladies.Only and Playmate at Playboy Photoshoot

Dartz in Playboy magazine, do we need to say more! The Latvian luxury car builder handed their latest Dartz Prombron L4P Ladies.Only, the world first “Ladies Only” three-door Kapsula Kupe, to the American men’s magazine for a photoshoot.

The lovely Playboy bunny in the video – name unknown – was positioned next to the armored truck and holds the RussoBaltique Vodka. The bottle is nothing more than 1,7 liter of Vodka inside a 7,8 kilograms Golden bottle. The drink is best served with RussoBaltique Caviar by Mottra, according to Dartz.

Looks like an epic combination; Playmate, Vodka and Caviar on the backseat of this armored truck.

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