White Mansory Renovatio SLR in Doha Qatar

The Mansory Renovatio SLR was released at the Geneva Motor Show 2008. Since then we have seen a matt gold version, a full carbon Renovatio and a roadster.

Yesterday, this white coupe with carbon wheels was seen on the streets of Doha, Qatar. While we are still debating if this white Renovatio SLR is truly overkill or not, a Lamborghini LP670-SV in the same color was kind enough to show up in one of the pictures. The similarities between the cars extend beyond just the color; the number of horses, the price and the exclusivity are all more or less the same. This unique combination rises the question: which one would you rather have?

Mansory SLR vs Lamborghini LP670-SV

[Via FULL at Supercarsdubai]


  1. The SLR used to be my favourite car but Lambos have been deep in my heart too so i cant tell which one i like the most. Anyway i wont ever have any of these cars.


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