Morgan are taking this weekend’s Ville d’Este event as an opportunity to officially unviel their Aeromax SuperSports roadster. It will be part of the British companies centenary celebrations and will likely see production by 2010.

It’s power will come from a BMW sourced 4.8-liter V8 coupled to either a six-speed manual or automatic gearbox. It’s essentially a redesigned Morgan Aeromax with a removable hardtop. It features the same three point rear as it’s coupé brother, however, the rear windows have been replaced be a flat single pane which has given the car a flatter look at the rear. There is the same thin rear brake lights and the car still has the same crosseyed headlights.

Side exit exhausts and larger alloys add to the cars persona. The interior is up to the usual Morgan standards with plenty of hand stitched leathers and exposed woodwork. The hardtop panel slots nicely into the boot of the car.

Morgan’s centenary celebrations don’t stop at Ville d’Este either, there are various events planned around the UK to enable the company to celebrate the special year. They share center stage at this years Goodwood Festival of Speed with Bugatti and Mini, we expect to see the car make a run up the hill here.

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