Keating TKR

Keating, the new Bugatti Veyron beater! Let’s start to dream about this beast. The in England based supercar producer released more details on the earlier presented Keating TKR. Next to that we got told that they will bring a more ‘normal’ supercar for the roads. The Keating SKR with a 6 or 7 liter V8 having an output somewhere between 404 bhp and 656 bhp. The power of the engine can be chosen by the customer and depends if want a supercarger or not! By using loads of carbon fibre the total weight of this car ends at 1190 kg.

It’s big brother the TKR will probably get a twin-turbo with about 1500 bhp. The engines are not finished yet so maybe Keating will release soon or late the real power. Who knows we go above 1500 inpatient horses!

[via Autogespot]



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