Keating TKR

The British are well known for their love to produce new and extreme supercars. Today we can introduce another one, the Keating GTR. The company “Keating” want’s to break the records made by the Veyron (we guess for the looks Bugatti is 1 point ahead) and will present it’s TKR officially on april 23rd. The TKR is the top of the range and as they say it should have “more power than an F1 race car but with tractability for the road”.

The second model is 400 bhp strong and will specifically be made for the GT touring. The engine of the TKR is produced by Nelson Racing Engines and has an output of 1500 bhp…dispite that the guys in the video below speak about 1655 bhp… we’ll see in april…!

Press Release:

The launch of this new British Supercar, which will be held on St George’s Day at an English manor house on the North West coast, will be a closed doors all ticket event. The event will include a descriptive launch and reveal, followed by acceleration and high speed demonstration drives at a nearby RAF airfield and cruising drives on fast public roads.


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  1. The things only gonna have a V8 and its said to beat the veyron. Finnalt us british have made a car that can cane all of the others. We can do well when we want to.

  2. We already did 16 years ago. The mclaren F1 that held the top speed record for 12 years and was beaten by the Koenigsegg CCR by like 0.5mph


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