Received a message from Steve of Team Warrior Heart. They are hitch hiking to Albania and they had a stroke of faith. Team Venoco 1 & 2 (Team #25 & 26) both lost their co-drivers (Wonder what happened there?!) opening up those seats for Steve and Freddie. ‘So ironically I having abandoned my Carrera GT in London am back in a Carrera GT in Athens! Freddie is in the teams McLaren SLR. Gumball spirit is guiding us… Next stop: UN Convoy in Albania.

Update 13:13 CET:

Team Ivy Hotel #83 joined their convoy and there’s now 2 SLR’s and one Carrera GT making their way down to the Albanian border.Steve and Freddie renamed their Car 13 to Car Minus 1.

Note: CoPilot sucks, 2 or 3 CoPilot systems locked up near Athens airport so they lost 20 minutes getting out of there.

Update 13:20 CET:

Team Polizei still leading the way but they just took a very special shortcut, leading them inland! Will they make it? Team Dreamteam (#74) is second and just follows the highway along the coast.

Update 13:39 CET:

Steve (#13 with #25, #26 & #83) messaged: “We’re totally lost!”

Update 13:48 CET:

Steve: “Local motorist leads us to the highway”

Update 13:56 CET:

Steve: “NOT! Still lost” I was on the road getting some equipment but in an attempt to rescue Team Warrior Heart I rush into an electronics store and ask for the closest computer with internet xs they have. They look at me very weird but after I explained the situation they let me use one of the computers in their office. Immediatly calling Steve and pointing them in the right direction based on the live tracker and routeplanner.

Update 14:08 CET:

Steve: “We’re good. Got a paper map at the toll booth. Screw technology :-)”

Update 16:42 CET:

Steve: ‘We just blew past cops standing on the side of the road, they looked very suprised but didn’t bother to chase us.’

Update 17:08 CET:

Steve: ‘Oil light came on on the Team 26 McLaren SLR, we all pulled over and after we let the car cool down it’s good to go again.’

Update 17:20 CET:

Steve: ‘We are driving the Carrera GT without the roof in the rain and we’re getting wet…’

Update 17:35 CET:

Greek police begged Team 25, 26 and 83 to do a burnout from the tollbooth!

Update 17:47 CET:

Team 53 pulled up with 6 other Gumballers at the Greek/Macedonian border.

Update 18:01 CET:

Steve just messaged us that team 25 had a chance to put their foot down in the Carrera GT on an amazing bit of highway in Greece without any traffic, sadly they headed towards Thessaloniki, instead of the shorter road to the Macedonian border.

Team Aytac Update 20:35 CET:

Turkish – Greek relation at it’s best: Team Aytac got stuck in Greece. They faced with an alternator problem with their Ferrari 456 GT in Kozani Greece. Now they are having dinner with the guys who are helping them to find a solution.They are very happy with the Greek hospitality! The mechanic on duty is trying to fix the problem.


  1. “Update 17:35 CET : Greek police begged Team 25, 26 and 83 to do a burnout from the tollbooth!”

    Lovely! :) i’m proud of our policemen! heh…

  2. Greece should be a must from now on for the rally because that’s how it should be cops asking for the the cars to do burn outs at boarder and giving the gumballers escorts through the city like the polizia did in 05′ for the Poliziei

  3. Are the gumballers definitely going through The Czech republic? I need to know cause I want to see them. Thaks for answer.Dave

  4. Greece sounds absolutly amazing to drive through.!i cant beleive the speeds. also, the police! wow, some one has to tell max about this!


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