To give you an update about the current situation based on the live tracker and updates we received from the drivers. Use our Gumball 2007 participant list for more information about the drivers. We also heard that the Live Tracker may not work in Albania. Stay tuned!

Team Polizei took a shortcut earlier today that turned out to be a totally different route into Albania, only team following them is Team 96 “Tag Team” in the Ford GT. This route is probably the most challenging route ever taken on the Gumball 3000.

In the meantime Team Rainbow Diablo, Team Dubai and Team 78 missed the exit towards Macedonia and are now driving near Thessaloniki, luckily from them a highway leads back to the Macedonian border and into Albania.

On the adviced route Team Latvia is approaching the Macedonian border in the M6 followed by Team Gomex in the 997 Turbo about 10 kilometers behind them. About 30 kilometers behind Uno we can find Team 77, closely followed by Oliver Morley in the McLaren 722 and the two Martini Porsches (#74 & #75).

Update 17:03 GMT:

Team Latvia was the first car to enter Macedonia moments ago.

Update 17:32 GMT:

Team Polizei first to enter Albania. But they are driving on the small E853 along the coast and not on the E852 highway from Macedonia to Tirana.

Update 17:40 GMT:

Team Kill Bill Turbo (Team 46) put his foot down and is now behind the Latvian M6 and Uno Gomes in third position. Closely followed by Team 75, 76 and 74. Team Rainbow Diablo, 78 and Dubai are now headed west towards Macedonia and the rest of the Gumballers after taking the highway to Thessaloniki.


  1. Great Site!! Checking it whole the time for updates.. Also continu following the rally via the live tracker. Keep going with the Gumball news !!

  2. Hmm, Team Polizei are pretty far behind now, but they have the advantage that they only have to cross 1 border… The other teams (except team 96 then ofcourse) have to cross 2…
    I am only wondering in what condition the roads are where Team Polizei and Team Tag are driving now.

  3. Team Polizei have not done their homework well. The route they took is a nasty one. But the most stupid or probably uninformed were the Team 96 following them in the Ford GT. The M5 can cope with the harsh conditions of the path they took, but I doubt the GT will fare well.

    They could have gone the same route as the others as it is the one with the better roads. Instead they chose to take the route through Saranda (Albanian town bordering with Greece). From then on they should have gone towards Gjirokaster, and not follow the seaside route. The seaside route is one of the worst roads in Albania, and generally they’re pretty bad. It takes a normal car around 6hrs with some stops to get from Saranda to Tirana through Gjirokastra. But if you take the seaside route the roads are very very narrow, I don’t know what the guys in the GT were thinking, and they’re simply nasty, and the trip to Tirana is around 7-8hrs.


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