Team Latvia (#50) crossed from Macedonia into Albania at 18:25 CET. Sadly Ainars is not driving with Janis today so he’s driving all by himself. Janis shook hands with the Albanian Minisiter at the border and then quickly continued towards Albania’s capital Tirana. A mere three minutes later also Team Gomex arrived at the border. Team 50 driver Janis has confidence he will make it to Tirana as first car today, Team Polizei entered Albania about an hour ago but took the eastern route which accounts for a lot more kilometers to cover in Albania. Team Latvia has an additional fuel tank installed which gives him confident they will make it to Tirana without anymore stops.

Tonight all Gumballers have a black-tie dinner with the Prime Minister of Albania and tomorrow they are back on the road for the longest leg of the rally. Crossing through 6 countries: Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia, Croatia, Hungary and Slovakia and over 1.489 kilometers of challenging roads.

Update 19:27 CET:

Our doubts are now confirmed, the Gumball live trackers don’t work in Albania. We can only wait for confirmation of arrival by telephone now. Stay tuned!

Update 20:10 CET:

Team Herbie had a great day in their Herbie R32, Xzibit is back behind the wheel and was driving in front of Team Herbie on the way down to Tirana (apparently the Dutch police took Xzibits fake license, haha). They are almost in Tirana now.

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  1. Hmmm…yeah, Austrian police can be quite anoying :))
    I hope they will go through Slovenia anyway…would realy like to see gumballers


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