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Team Fuel wrecked a wheel in Macedonia

We just got this update from Team Fuel and the Fuel Girls:

As Team Fuel crossed Macedonia they hit a massive pot hole and completely wrecked the wheel, bringing them to a stand still. Another Gumballer in a Lambo stopped and took them to a small town where they met an excited guy who had been following the rally.

Richie swapped some signed topless calendars of the Fuel Girls for a tow truck and soon had his wheel fixed.

It turns out the guy had lived in the UK and had actually lived 4 doors away from Richies parents in Ilford – the chances of that? Zero.

Back on the road now, very late and with a rattling wheel.

Also read their update from this morning in Athens!


  1. What a coincidence…

    but a lucky coincidence

    again, GO team FUEL! GOOOO!!

    ***listening to Groove is in the hearth by dee-lite, as i write this, LOL!!***


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