Team Stuff returned to the UK yesterday after an exhausting first leg of the rally. Apparently they only entered the rally for the first bit. We collected some of their highlights of the the rally:

Funny stories:

“As soon as we pulled in we were mobbed by a coach load of teenagers, demanding stickers that we didn’t have. It was brilliant to see how enthusiastic they were, but slightly unnerving when we lost sight of the service station in a sea of grinning faces and flashing cameras. They would have ripped the clothes off our backs in a second. Fortunately we were saved by the arrival of a Gumball Porsche and Bugatti Veyron – the latter a welcome sight at the best of times!”

“Nope, we haven’t crashed. But it seems that Amsterdam has. We received a message on our CoPilot Live 7-toting MDA Compact III saying that the town centre is closed due to overcrowding. A few of the speediest cars made it in before the curfew was imposed, so we blame our ultra-officious customs officer for causing us to miss out on the Queens’ night fun. And we will never forgive him.”

“When we pulled in, a German traffic cop said, ‘ze game is over for you now’ (absolutely not a joke) and directed us round to a car park full of our old friends from Pall Mall.”

You can read all their stories here.


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