Now that more and more 1000+ bhp cars are comming, Dodge said: “why not produce a Viper having a 1000 bhp” so said so done and they called their US-Tuner Hennessey. He said “ok, let’s put a twin-turbo on the V10!”

To keep the Venom 1000 a bit special, there only will be built 24 models on basis of the Coupé and 24 Cabrios. The prices begin with approximately 225,000 dollar. Unterm line brings it the 8,6-Liter-V10 in such a way on 1.492 Nm with 3.800/min. As maximum speed the Hennessey stops sprinting at 256 mph (410kmh), 62 mph should be passed after scarcely three seconds.

Maybe this is a new challenge for Torquenstein, or isn’t anything better than his Ford GT?

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