Gumball 2007

Today we can bring the world very exclusive Gumball 2007 news. We got the complete Gumball 2007 route including checkpoints, locations of car displays, hotels and of course the parties. This is what every Gumball 3000 fan has been waiting for! Big thanks to our dutch buddies for submitting this!

Gumball 2007 Route:

28th April 2007: Launch party at the Trocadero. The street in front is closed, red carpet, supercars on display etc. This is pretty close to Leicester square, so there should be a lot of people.

29th April 2007: 12 Midday all cars in position on Pall Mall for car display, 4pm rally start! Big Gantry on Pall Mall, similar position as last year but much bigger and better! Onto France via Eurotunnel, Belgium, and Amsterdam! Where the cars park up at the ‘Waterlooplein’ in the centre of Amsterdam, and as you may already know it is Queens day, so a lot of people partying in the streets! Amsterdam is a checkpoint, so the teams park up, pick up their next route card, drink and back on their way.

30th April 2007: From Amsterdam to Frankfurt to Istanbul (obviously no sleep yet), the teams drive to a secret airport in Frankfurt where a select few of the Gumball crew will drive all of the cars onto the 2 Antanov airplanes, it will be a very tight fit! About a 4 hour flight to Istanbul, where they land on the asian side, unload, Now the cars will be escorted through the city of Istanbul, thru the most famous street in the city! The teams will finally arrive at the Kempinski Ciragan Palace where they stay for the night, that night will have a James Bond Party probably at the Reina Club!

1st May 2007: From Istanbul to Thessaloniki to Athens. After leaving Istanbul and picking up their next route card the teams head to Thessaloniki where they will have a checkpoint. From Thessaloniki the final leg of the day will bring them to Athens where drivers stay at the Hilton. The Gumball cars will be on display at the Zappio, which is a crazy location a short journey from the hotel. At night there’s a White Party on the Top Floor of the Hilton hotel.

2nd May 2007: From Athens to Tirana. The Gumballers leave Athens first thing in the morning for Tirana in Albania!

3rd May 2007: From Tirana to Dubrovnik to Bratislava. This will be another exhausting day. Travelling through 7 countries: Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria and Slovakia! Leaving Tirana as always first thing in the morning for Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik will be the lunch checkpoint for the day. So the drivers can have a bite to eat, inspect their new route cards and on to Bratislava! In Bratislava the Gumballers are staying in the Raddisson SAS hotel and for the fans there will be a display on Hviezdoslavovo square.

4th May 2007: From Bratislava to Prague to Berlin. The Gumballers will leave Bratislava for a checkpoint in Prague. From Prague the drivers can enjoy the German autobahn on their way to the final checkpoint of the day in Berlin. In Berlin the Gumball 3000 pack stays in the Regent Hotel. Berlin makes a good place for a party especially on a friday night.

5th May 2007: From Berlin to London. From Berlin the cars head for home! The final day’s journey takes them through Holland, Belgium, France and back to Great Britain. Crossing the channel with the Eurotunnel they will be back in London to finish at Whitehall Place and they get ready to celebrate the final party!

GTspirit – the ultimate rally resource wishes everyone a happy Gumball 2007!

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  1. Very Nice!

    Now I know were I must be on QueensNight in Amsterdam: Waterlooplein!

    At what time they arrive at Amsterdam? Around midnight or?


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