Last weekend, Infiniti launched a new electronic prototype in the form of the Infiniti Prototype 10. The electrified speedster was its centrepiece display for Monterey Car Week 2018 and went on display at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance 2018.

The purpose of the prototype was to announced the electrification of every Infiniti model by 2021. The prototype was intended to capture the spirit of the past blended with the technology of the future, a physical manifestation of Infiniti’s master plan.

It is the first design to come from Karim Habib who was recently appointed Infiniti’s Executive Design Director. It was digitally designed in the United Kingdom and crafted by hand in San Diego, California. It takes elements of its design from the earlier Q Inspiration and Prototype 9.

It is monoposto (single-seat) and therefore, driver focused. In terms of design, the surfaces are clean and elongated. It has the clinical feel that we have come to expect form electric cars. As with most speedsters, the driver sits low, with the long bonnet stretching out in front and a fin behind the driver’s seat.

Infiniti have not revealed what lies beneath the sensational bodywork. The prototype appears more as a platform to publicise the Hong Kong company’s electrification plans, something that it essential if it is to compete with the dominant German brands. The Infiniti Prototype 10 is just a concept and there are no plans for production unfortunately.

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