A US Bugatti Veyron owner has converted his car to rear wheel drive. The owner in question is Houston Crosta of Royalty Exotic Cars, a rental company based in Las Vegas. Crosta recently purchased a Mansory Vivere converted Bugatti Veyron and has not been shy in sharing his ownership experience with the car.

Crosta has been doing things a little differently from other Bugatti customers though. Owning a fully stocked workshop and employing a team of mechanics has its benefits. Crosta has recently shared videos showing how an oil change can be carried out without assistance from Bugatti, and now that same car has been converted, without assistance from the manufacturer, into a rear wheel drive beast!

The process looks fairly straightforward as Crosta’s mechanics set about removing the front differential and half-shafts. The work was carried out with no reference to Bugatti or to any literature which might suggest give a hint as to how you should go about such a task. Crosta explains that nothing exists online or anywhere to suggest how you might go about DIY on a Veyron.

The obvious benefits to the conversion are the weight loss, shedding the front drive units will have a profound effect on weight. The obvious downside is that the conversion is sure to play havoc with the Veyron’s electrical systems, not to mention the loss of performance. Ultimately though, the final few minutes of the video show why, for Crosta, the hastle was worth it!

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